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Health and Wellness

Look East

Look East exists to empower adult survivors of sexual abuse and incest to regain their individual rights.

Nick Davies - Psychologist

Nick Davies offers psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy to couples, adolescents and children in a wide variety of situations requiring asssistance. He consults in Bryanston, Gauteng.

Restoration of Human Abilities Association

ROHA is a registered non profit organisation that works in the field of mental health and focuses on providing therapeutic services and personal development that will restore the abilities lost through mental illness, disability and neglect.

Samantha Furniss - Psychologist

Samantha Furniss is a clinical psychologist and play therapist counsellor in Gauteng offering a wide variety of psychotherapy services, always concentrating on psychodynamic therapy.

Tracy Fletcher

Is a Clinical Psychologist Johannesburg Counselling Therapist offering therapy for adults, children, adolescents and couples.

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